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executive team

R. Lisa Smoak

- Chief Executive Officer


A native of Miami, R. Lisa Smoak spent much of her childhood overseas, thanks to her father’s career in the United States Air Force. She credits her military upbringing with instilling self-discipline and personal responsibility, qualities that served her well in overcoming adversity in her childhood and adolescence. After living in Satellite Beach, where her father was stationed in 1979, and relocating to California, Lisa returned to Miami, where she graduated from Miami Springs High School.


Following graduation, she returned to Satellite Beach. After two years spent working at the Communications Center of the Rockledge Police Department, she began her career in law enforcement as a reserve officer in June of 1999. Six months later, she was offered a full-time position and served her community in uniform until her retirement in January, 2014.


Utilizing real-world experience and knowledge gleaned from a Bachelor of Science with a minor in Information Technology and a Master of Arts Administration from Barry University, along with HIPAA Training for Business Associates from the University of Central Florida, Lisa launched Surveillance Biometric Tracking Device (SBTD), Inc. in 2013.


An exciting startup company in the newly emerging field of Tracking Devices, SBTD’s mission is to become the leading manufacturer of Family Locator Devices and Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) products. Although a recent undertaking, SBTD’s origins date back to an unsettling incident in Lisa’s childhood, when her two-year-old brother Ali was kidnapped. She explains, “For many hours I thought my brother was dead and I still remember the anxiety and fear I felt inside.”


Although Ali was recovered alive and unharmed, the ordeal became a defining moment in Lisa’s life, inspiring her career in law enforcement and her decision to create SBTD. With its sophisticated devices, databases, and software, SBTD assists in the recovery and apprehension of lost or missing persons. Lisa’s insight has guided her in her efforts to conceive and design products and solutions that meet the needs of an increasing population.


Thanks to a combination of continuous evolving miniaturized technologies, SBTD provides affordable, easy-to-use solutions. The core engineering is based on patented software that enables tracking, monitoring, and locating. The next evolution of SBTD technology will embrace a visual scheme to further enhance situational awareness, particularly useful for healthcare providers and caretakers of the elderly and disabled.


“I’m excited to serve the public once again in a different role,” Lisa explains.


Kevin nunlaye

- Chief operating officer


Kevin has been with SBTD CORP for the last two years not only running the company, but also as part owner. He’s skills in speaking and pitching the SBTD Threshold Monitoring systems is impeccable. Kevin exceeds in the sales and communication of one of our most growing technologies in the Medical field.


Designing and implementing business operations. Establishing policies that promote company culture and vision. Overseeing operations of the company and the work of executives

Craig Rastello



Mr. Rastello provides consulting, financial and management services to the hospitality, real estate, medical, transaction processing and manufacturing community. A good portion of his practice has been as a consultant to several hotels over the past 15+ years, with work specifically in personnel management, budgeting and integration of accounting and reservation systems.

Mr. Rastello has previously served as Chief Financial Officer of TermNet Merchant  Services, Inc., one of the largest non-bank Visa and MasterCard processing companies in the US from 1992 to 1996. From 1973 through 1987, Mr. Rastello held various operating and financial executive positions with an investment group that served and/or acquired several retail chains. He graduated with a BBA in Business Administration at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, and he is a Certified Public Accountant and a Certified Management Accountant.

Ellen Little

Business Resolutions Chief Marketing Officer/Business Development


Ms. Little held several leadership positions at Home Depot for 20 years, as a store manager and leadership trainer. She also served as a client facilitator for Stephen Covey, author of the “7 habits of highly effective people” book; and a DiSC facilitator. In  December  2010,  Ellen  opened  a  corporation  and  2  other  companies:  Business Resolutions, a coaching/consulting company; and Studio You, a training company.  Both companies are designed to teach people how to start their own businesses and offer classes on practical employment activities and strategies to learn marketable skills, as well as increase effectiveness and productivity.


Problem solving and strategic planning are strengths of Ms. Little and her organizations. She is involved in several non-profit organizations and event teams. She is an officer in  many  capacities for Toastmasters International Organization in the State of Florida, and also for local clubs. She builds teams, organizations and long term success.





Hector Velez, Studied graphic design in New York City and followed up his school with several high-profile internships with noted companies. After developing art skills in different levels of platforms and programs. Hector moved to Florida to further expanding his knowledge of the industry so he could start SifeGrafix.

Tommy Trenton Jr.

- Senior Photographer and videographer


Tommy Trenton Jr. is a Videographer, Photographer, Producer as well as the Founder of GMB Productions. He is based in Florida.


Tommy Trenton Jr., was a creative child at a young age, and realized in 2008 that he wanted a career in Videography and Video Production. Tommy’s career began in August of 2008.


As part of his service to his clients, Tommy likes to bring his small community attitude to all of his work. At all times he maintains a professional, friendly and personal attitude. He regularly sends progress reports while editing and is available by phone or email at all times for changes during post-production.


Tommy to date has produced over 200 videos , Created 119 Adobe Add-On's for Adobe Exchange , Designed over 300 graphics , Assisted in producing over 90 records for underground artists , Created around 100 instrumentals , Produced over 50 of his own songs written and recorded by himself and Photographed several amazing and awesome photo’s as well. His moto is "To be successful do what you love".



- Director of Healthcare Development


Nicole began working with seniors in a long term care facility in 1995 and has since continued to explore additional avenues to enhance senior's quality of life in multiple areas. While working in long term care, she served as a Nursing Assistant, Hospice liaison, and nursing student. She has been a nationally Certified Personal Trainer and Group Exercise Instructor since January 2000. Nicole has facilitated, structured, contracted and sponsored senior fitness, mobility and post-rehabilitation. In addition to being passionate about senior care and mobility, she has developed and rebranded senior programming specifically designed for dementia and Alzheimer's, while providing numerous activities to enhance the daily quality of residents' lives. In addition to assisting with resident programming, she is a Certified Facilitator for caregiver support and education through the Alzheimer's Association. She is a Licensed ALF Administrator and a Certified Positive Approach to Caregiving Coach for Dementia with Teepa Snow. Nicole's education consists of an Associate's degree in Education, a Bachelor's degree in Business Management with a concentration in Marketing, and a Master's degree in Business Administration.


"I look forward to every opportunity we have to change lives, build relationships and grow as a community." ~ Nicole


Sean Harnage, J.D.

- Attorney, and Harnage Law


Mr.  Harnage  was  born  in  Lakeland  Florida  in  1976  and  shortly  thereafter  moved  to  Melbourne  Florida.  Sean attended  Melbourne  Central  Catholic  High  School  where  he  graduated  in  1994  and  then  attended  Brevard Community  College.  He  graduated  from  the  Brevard  Police  Academy  and  also  earned  his  A.A.  Degree in 1995. After passing the Florida Police Examination, Mr.  Harnage began working for a local municipality as a Police Officer.  During his ten year tenure, he held various positions, including School Resource Officer, High Liabilities Instructor, U.S. Customs Blue Lightning task force member, K-9 handler, Entry team and was promoted to the rank of K-9 Sergeant.


In parallel, he had the opportunity to attended Rollins College, where he obtained his B.A. in 2002 in Psychology and Environmental studies.  After leaving that agency, Mr.  Harnage  became  recruited  as  a  Deputy Sheriff,  where  he  worked  as  a  road  deputy  and  later  as  one  of  the  agency  instructors  and  was  assigned  to  the Training  Unit.  In  2009,  he  attended  Barry  School  of  Law  in  Orlando,  Florida  and  remained  active  as  a  Reserve Deputy.  He graduated in 2012 with his J.D.  and  passed  the  Florida  Bar  the  same  year.  Mr.  Harnage  was  also admitted  to  the  Middle  and  Southern  District  of  Florida  in  2013.  He currently represents clients in the areas of Bankruptcy, Criminal Defense, Family Law and General civil practice.

Eva Kohfeldt

- President & CEO of Global Engineering Management & Support Inc.


Ms. Kohfeldt’s expertise is a unique mix of engineering background coupled with financial experience. She is an accomplished professional with extensive experience in the design and development of automatic test equipment. She is a highly innovative and adept at formulating creative strategies to resolve issues, reduce costs and increase productivity with top-level oversight of comprehensive test processes and procedures. She knows how to collaborate effectively with engineering teams and contract manufacturing staff.

In addition, from 1989 to 1995, she worked with Wescam, the leader in the design and manufacture of gyro-stabilized aerial cameras and camera systems, image capture and microwave systems, used in feature films and television broadcast of news and major sporting events around the globe.  She directly assisted the CEO on all strategic and tactical matters as they related to budget management, cost benefit analysis, forecasting needs and the securing of new funding.


Ms. Kohfeldt also oversaw the management  and coordination of all fiscal reporting  activities including: organizational revenue/expense and balance sheet reports, development and monitoring of organizational and contract budgets. She was also in charge of the purchasing and payroll activity. At the time of the merger/acquisition between CRM Group and Wescam USA, Ms. Kohfeldt led the staff during the due diligence process and the closing.

Lindsay Lyon M.D.

- Attending Physician Emergency Medicine


Dr. Lyon presently is part of an academic teaching institution. Dr. Lyon is an attending in Emergency Medicine working with medical students and resident physicians to help cultivate physicians of the future. Dr. Lyon received her medical doctorate degree in 2009. She completed an internship in Internal Medicine followed by residency training in Emergency Medicine.

She has been the recipient of the Humanism in Medicine Award from the Arnold P. Gold Foundation. Dr. Lyon is on the Geriatric committee at Tampa General Hospital. She has a special interest with the use of RFID in assistance with Dementia, Alzheimer, elderly, pediatric and  psychiatric patient care and plans to promote these technologies in the health care market.